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Personal, Professional, Perfection.

Our janitorial services are customized to meet your every need. We understand that your business needs are unique from others and have the flexibility to modify our custodial services to suit your housing or facility needs. Our services will leave your premises with the perfect look. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Time, Production, Savings.

When you have your employees cleaning up the work space, that takes time away from their actual job duties. You are devoting time to manage it. How does sick employees impact production? Increased time, less production means your company is losing money. Providing a clean environment not only decreases amount of sick time for employees but, maintains a higher sense of morale. This is what we are able to provide you through working with us. 

We Take Care of Our Employees

We find that most cleaning companies do not pay their custodians a livable wage in order to increase their profit margin. We take care of our employees because we see them as family. Therefore we pay above market wages to ensure our employees are 100% dedicated towards the work they do in your home or company. 

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Jones Cleaning Services

Serving Wayne, Washtenaw and Oakland County

At Jones Cleaning Services, we always go a step above to meet your needs. We take our job for you, personally. 

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