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Customer success program

Join our Program For Instant Savings

Who Can Sign Up?


Grocery Stores. Boutiques. Gift Shops. Museums. Clothing.

Food Service

Restaurants. Cafes. Eateries. Bars.


Barbershops. Salons. Gyms. Parlors. Pharmacy.

Pro. Services

Non-Profits. Law Firms. Insurance. Banking. Other.

What We Will offer

15-25% Off

For specialized services throughout the year. SAVE BIG.

facility management

We have a network of vetted contractors so you have a one-stop shop for facility maintenance needs.

COVID-19 Guidance

Provide coaching and guidance on implementing a cleaning system that keeps your customers safe.


Refer us to your network and SAVE money on your monthly invoices.

Our Services

Janitor mopping an office floor, shallow
Engineers at work
Security Guard

Contact us to sign up

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